Henriette is a fully qualified and award-winning Building Designer who specialises in designing houses of all sizes.

Henriette started her career designing for regular sized lots (approximately 800m2). Over time, she noticed land lots shrinking, and before long, found herself designing houses with as little land area as 105m2. This meant learning to design more space efficient homes; squeezing as much as possible into the house design, whilst creating a livable, practical and aesthetically pleasing environment with a healthy balance between indoor and outdoor living. In refining this skill, Henriette’s Bachelor Degree in Interior Design (undertaken many years before discovering her flair for building design) came in very handy!

Having worked directly for residential construction companies throughout her career, Henriette understands the practical challenges faced by builders in building on small and awkward blocks. Beyond loving the challenge of designing for small blocks, the underlying meaning runs deeper for Henriette.